The Story

The seeds of ASSYA were planted in 2004 when designer Tessa Grazzini came back from a trip to India with a hand full of colourful stones, an interest she fostered from childhood. Armed with a natural eye for design and a passion for stones and colours, Tessa set about establishing her own distinctive style and vision of the brand’s creations. “I wanted to create beautiful jewellery for stylish women of the world by taking unusual gem stones and converting them into high quality, fashionable affordable accessories. The objective of my creations is to adorn women and make them glamorous everyday, whether in their jeans or at a cocktail party! “Italian born, Tessa lived in America and South America and travelled the world extensively before settling in London. She first worked at Sotheby’s and then Estee Lauder before completing jewellery courses at Central St Martin’s and creating her first collection which was an instant hit. Tessa finds her inspirations in the Orient’s exotic shapes, architecture, art and colours. But most of all she takes inspiration from women all over the world.

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